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2011 Grant Recipient

Contemporary Dance Winner
Alexandre Morin

St-Colomban native, Alexandre Morin is a 19 year-old student who has just completed his first year of the Professional Training Program at LADMMI, bringing to these studies training in other disciplines including Ashtanga and Acro-Yoga. He has distinguished himself as an excellent student, dancer and choreographer for student-run performances and has received several awards, including one for outstanding leadership skills.

In submitting the nomination for The Hnatyshyn Foundation contemporary dance grant, Linda Rabin, Founder and Teacher, said of Alexandre, “What a wonderful talent! What a terrific spirit! It has been a total joy to have Alex in class. He is an open spirited man, game to partake in most every exercise and to express his perceptions. His observations are intelligent, insightful of self and of others.”

In adjudicating Mr. Morin's performance submissions, the jury for contemporary dance – which included: Merrilee Hodgins, A.R.A.D., Artistic Director, The School of Dance, Ottawa, Founder, and Brent Lott, Artistic Director, Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers commented – the young man sets himself apart with his artistry and dynamic range of movement - Lovely dancer. Unaffected natural mover. Dynamic range. His choice of material showed the depth of his thinking and also showed that he has no fear of commitment to movements, ideas, use of space and flow. I felt I was watching an emerging artist more than any other applicant.

Artist's Statement

Dance is my deepest life passion. Dance is present in everything I do and is an integral part of my being. I love movement for the sensations it provokes in my body and for the way it allows me to communicate my thoughts and my feelings. Dance defines my purpose in life.
I am as passionate about creation as I am about dancing. Whether it is participating in the creative process with a choreographer or working on one of my independent projects, it allows me to experiment new ideas and it is an act of self discovery leading me to previously unknown avenues of expression that I can share with the audience.

I practice yoga regularly to compliment my dance training in order to find equilibrium and access my body’s full potential while staying connected with my mind. The importance of breath in the yoga practice has allowed me to discover how to live more fully in the moment and be more conscious of my body not only on a postural but also a sensorial level.
Despite my young age I have begun to teach and choreograph. I experience a pure state of satisfaction when I see a student who has applied one of my corrections or a group of dancers who have delivered my choreography with integrity and commitment while respecting the initial intention.

Marc Boivin, one of my teachers who I have had the honour to work with, inspires me on many levels. He is a dedicated and complete artist who dances, teaches and creates. He has performed around the world. He continues to contribute to the evolution of the dance milieu which led to his recent election to le Regroupement québécois de la danse. He is also the new president of this organisation.
What inspires me most about his teaching is his profound knowledge and intellectual approach to dance. He led me to pay particular attention to each movement, to follow its path in the body while nourishing each gesture with images or a specific intention. Approaching dance in this way has allowed me to discover how to initiate movement from a place of pure physicality and has opened my body to new sensations.
I am inspired not only through the art of dance but other arts forms. I visit art galleries, I seek out new and innovative music and I watch a wide range of film genres.

In essence, all my interests revolve around a burning necessity within me to express myself physically through dance which demands having a healthy body, mind and spirit. I love going to dance performances. The beauty of dance reveals itself in the fragile moments when the performer reveals their vulnerability allowing the audience to experience a moment of pure abandon. This can trigger an indescribable sensation that occurs when the performer and audience become one.
As an artist in training I am striving to prepare my body physically and to perfect my technique in order to meet the demands of the contemporary dance milieu. It is important for me as a dancer to equally master the technical and interpretative aspects of dance because I believe that the source of a dance artist’s expression originates in the physicality of the human body. My goal as a young artist is to invest myself completely in my art and to contribute to the advancement of contemporary dance while transmitting my passion for dance by performing and hopefully inspiring others around the world.






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