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2011 Grant Recipient

English Theatre Winner
Lisa Truong

Originally from Edmonton, Lisa Truong is a 21-year-old student at the National Theatre School in Montreal who began her final year this autumn. During her previous two years of studies Ms Troung has demonstrated her awakening hunger for the work; her presence is invested, open-minded and inquisitive. In addition to the roles she has portrayed as course requirements she has also appeared in numerous in professional-calibre stage productions.

In submitting the nomination for The Hnatyshyn Foundation English theatre grant, Sherry Bie, Artistic Director, English Section, National Theatre School wrote, “Lisa's eager spirit allows her to leap into the work. She recognizes the challenges of the training and rises daily to them. She brings determination, strength and courage to her rehersal work in the studio…Her journey next year and beyond holds enormous promise. I anticipate she will be a force on our stages in the years to come.”

In adjudicating Ms Troung's performance submissions, the jury for acting – which included: Danielle Irvine Artistic Director and Co-Founder, First Light Productions Theatre Company, St, John's; Lise Anne Johnston, Artistic Director, Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa ; and Caymar Chai, Founder, Neworld Theatre, Vancouver– was impressed that she makes strong choices, is comfortable with silence and has the ability to sustain throughout them. She is very truthful, very in the moment, and specific from beat to beat. She scores high on the performance side, demonstrates her potential as a theatre creator, and has a strong artistic statement. She has a clear sense of her process and her artistic goals.






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