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Christa Couture

Christa Couture

“Songs are my teachers and songs are gifts. It is my gift to share them.”

Everyone is looking to feel less lonely. The focus of my work comes down to the conversation that happens between performer and listener. In that exchange, I feel both sides are asking the question “Do you know what I mean?” searching for and finding common ground and connection between open ears and hearts.

My work draws on loss, grief, illness, longing, survival, and resilience through writerly, at times even playful, skill with words. Through songs, I share what comes next after loss, what comes after you pick up the pieces, and how to find hope in the shadows of our harder, complex human experiences.
My practice is contemporary music that at its core is Indigenous culture: conversational, autobiographical work drawn from my personal experiences; experiences that reflect my intersecting identities as a Cree woman and woman with a disability (or halfbreed and cyborg as I choose to identify), as well as a mother and artist. Until the studio recording process, nothing is written down: my work is created, learned, and shared as a practice of aural/oral tradition.

Christa Couture is a Cree Metis musician from the Prairies living in Toronto.